Ignite! Leadership Program 17 & 18 August


Leaders are responsible for moving individuals and organisations forward; they set an appropriate example and lead the way.

This two-day course enables participants to appreciate the difference between leadership and management and develop the key skills they need to confidently lead their team to significant achievements. In contemporary organisations, leaders are expected to inspire, demonstrate vision, deliver sustained performance, create a productive and positive team culture, engage individuals and maintain a healthy work environment…and more! 

This course provides you with the right mix of skills to be an effective leader/manager.
As part of the program, participants will complete a leadership profile to understand more about their own leadership practices and style. 




  • The context of this program
  • Learning outcomes and objectives

Leadership principles and style

  • Management versus leadership
  • Your leadership style
  • What it takes to be an authentic leader
  • Emotional maturity
  • Dimensions of leadership, linked to the pre-program profile

From vision to action

  • Understanding and ‘decoding’ the organisation’s vision and mission
  • Defining the purpose and strategic imperatives for your division or team
  • Moving the vision to action
  • Planning, goal setting and managing performance

Empowerment and alignment

  • The importance of alignment
  • Building employee engagement
  • Empowerment through effective task/project allocation and delegation

Managing individual performance

  • Creating accountability and commitment
  • Providing feedback for growth
  • Coaching individuals for enhanced performance
  • Achieving and sustaining positive personal performance

Building winning teams

  • The stages of team development
  • The critical components of high performance
  • Are we there yet? Where are we on the performance continuum?
  • Encouraging collaboration and a team ethic

Leading the way

  • Leadership audit
  • Building emotional intelligence and personal resilience
  • Building your skillset, style set and tool set
  • Putting it into practice

Option: 1:2:1 coaching

  • 1x 90’ profile debrief and personalisation of program content
  • 1x 60’ establishing an individualised development road map

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the fundamental differences between management and leadership
  • Identify effective leadership styles and practices
  • Define the purpose and strategic priorities of your team
  • Move the vision to action
  • Engage and align your team(s)
  • Understand how delegation empowers staff
  • Move staff forward by providing feedback and coaching for growth
  • Get from good to best as a team
  • Explore the nature and impact of positive leadership practices
  • Create the right conditions for individuals to perform and contribute to the team
  • Build your personal capacity to lead



Participants will complete a leadership profile prior to attending the course and this will be debriefed during the program.

Course duration

2 days

Further development

Financial Management & Budget Control

Strategic Planning & Execution

Coaching Skills for Supervisors and Managers



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Standard Course Information


  • Take home course manual
  • Facilitator led training
  • Qualified trainer
  • Certificate of Attendance for participants
  • Morning & afternoon refreshments
  • Lunch

Training venue:

Cloisters Level 1, 863 Hay Street
Perth CBD
Additional information:

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