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1:2:1 Coaching

Coaching is a structured developmental process which provides individuals with feedback, insight and guidance to help them achieve their full potential in their work and/or personal life. Whether the coachee is seeking to improve their work performance, overcome professional challenges, or wants to live life with more focus and vigour, a skilled coach can make all the difference. ATI-Mirage has a team of highly experienced, credentialled coaches to suit any coaching assignment. 

Activity Based Working

If your organisation is transitioning to Activity Based Working (ABW) then it will be potentially the biggest change for your people in the way they work.   We have ABW experience and expertise to help you maximise the opportunity and minimise the challenges by working with your Executive team,  Project team, L&D team, Leaders and staff members in areas such as

             the critical people component of the transition (move the mind)

             increasing technology skills and capabilities.

             Implement processes for paper independence

             Working practices to support the transition and shift.

Profiling and 360° Feedback

ATI-Mirage can conduct 360° feedback and profiling for individuals and teams, followed by debriefs and—where appropriate—coaching. The tools we use include DiSC and Workplace Motivators; the Human Synergistics LSI, GSI, L/I, MEPS, OCI and OEI; Full Circle Feedback; Hogan Assessments; MBTI and HBDI. Through our partnerships, we can also develop bespoke surveys.

HR Strategy

We can help you develop and implement a HR strategy that supports the organisation’s business plan and delivers optimum value from your human capital. 

Capability Frameworks

Often, the missing piece between strategy and its operational implementation is the definition of the capabilities which underpin organisational and individual effectiveness. Our consultants can assist you in determining what these core capabilities are and how productivity can be improved.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Skills Audits

Would you like to get a picture of your workforce’s current capabilities and skills gaps?  ATI-Mirage can mobilise specialist consultants to undertake a thorough skills analysis and make recommendations to ’bridge the gap’ in areas of deficit.

Team Development

Whether your team is newly formed or mature, closely knit or widely distributed, we can help with a range of team development interventions. These include team coaching, team profiling, team dynamics, and the facilitation of planning, review, team wellness or team building events.


ATI-Mirage can provide an expert facilitator for, e.g. strategic planning workshops; visioning, problem solving, ideation and innovation; discussion forums; creating and brokering constructive consensus; agenda and priority setting. We use a variety of approaches to get the best results possible.

Employee Engagement and Alignment

Research has consistently demonstrated that a highly engaged workforce is more productive, more satisfied and better able to respond to change. Positive alignment ensures that individual effort is expended in ways which benefit the organisation’s strategic agenda. When these two crucial forces are working together, significant discretionary effort is released. We can measure the extent of engagement and alignment, and help you improve the levels of both.

Organisational Culture and Values

Organisational culture is a critical factor in the productivity and engagement equation. A toxic work-place results in lower (or non-existent) motivation, increased absenteeism and ’presentism’, while eroding trust within and between teams. ATI-Mirage   can help you create a constructive culture, which leads to higher performance and strong employee advocacy. 

Change Management

Change management is hard to get right, with many potential pitfalls to navigate. ATI-Mirage can provide support and strategies to improve change readiness, design the change program and assist you both in leading the change project and realising the anticipated benefits.

Your Next Job - Coaching

Need help to create a compelling job application and a professional CV? Scheduled for an interview and keen to present your best self? We offer specialist coaching to help you win your way to career success.

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Our qualified consultants offer real world experience and pragmatism, combined with academic credentials to ensure each consulting assignment achieves the best result possible for your organisation.
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Professional Development Training


"Our suite of Professional Development programs are designed to ensure that your organisation’s key assets, your people, are appropriately skilled and capable of achieving maximum productivity in today's evolving workplace."   



Standard Course Information


  • Take home course manual
  • Facilitator led training
  • Qualified trainer
  • Certificate of Attendance for participants
  • Morning & afternoon refreshments
  • Lunch

Training venue:

Cloisters Level 1, 863 Hay Street
Perth CBD
Additional information:

  • HR standard training day runs from 8.30am - 3.30pm
  • Wellness standard training day runs from 9am - 4pm
  • ½ day courses vary, please contact us for timings
  • Prices quoted are standard rates
  • Government and other discounts may apply and will be confirmed on invoice


Customised Solutions

We understand one size does not always fit all. Our team of qualified trainers can create a customised solution tailored to your specific needs.

We are happy to offer closed group sessions or additional dates as you require.

To discuss customisation training, simply call 08 9218 9059 or email


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