Healthy workers consistently deliver increased productivity and greater focus.
In the past decade, wellness programs in the workplace have been shown to:

• Improve employee wellbeing
• Reduce employee stress
• Reduce absenteeism
• Improve employee morale and loyalty
• Reduce workforce turnover
• Improve decision-making ability
• Reduce organisational conflict and create a healthier organisational culture
• Reduce the harmful effects of presenteeism


At ATI-Mirage our Wellness focus is to change people’s attitudes and responses to life situations. We provide high quality wellness training that promotes self-awareness and success.

Our training will support each person in making good life choices to increase their happiness, health and feelings of fulfilment.

We offer courses in:

Emotional Intelligence
Work/Life Skills for Less Stress
Change Your Thinking
Sharpen Your Mind
Working Well, Living Well
Understanding Money


For more information on our Wellness Solutions please contact us by phone on 08 9218 9059 or send an email by clicking here.