Manage Stress, Build Resilience


Stress is a part of life, being stressed isn’t. When you accept this concept, instead of being weighed down or overwhelmed by events you are able to approach them differently. Easier said than done? This course will give participants simple skills to manage stress more effectively and create a healthy balance, both personally and professionally.




  • Course context
  • Learning objectives


  • What is stress? What is resilience?
  • Characteristics of resilient people

Understanding the impact of stress

  • Recognising symptoms and impact
  • The part our emotions play
  • Diagnostic tools for detection and self-analysis
  • Nine environments of you
  • Behaviours that create stress and anxiety
  • Impacts of change


Manage stress and build resilience - strategies and practices

  • Circle of concern, circle of influence
  • Building resilience with your nine environments
  • Fine tuning your mind and moving past your stuck points
  • Buidling character strengths
  • Building resilient behaviours and growth mindset to deal with challenging people, situations and self-defeating habits
  • Create a greater sense of calm  

Putting it into practice

  • Action planning


Learning Outcomes

  • Identify stressors and the lifestyle elements that can be changed
  • Take a balanced perspective on issues
  • Identify the best approach
  • Identify ways to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance
  • Adopt a positive mindset through times of change
  • Create a plan to manage or reduce or eliminate workplace and personal stressors



This course requires no previous training or experience


Course duration         

1 day


Further development         

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Conflict Management

Time Management & Personal Productivity 



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Standard Course Information


  • Take home course manual
  • Facilitator led training
  • Qualified trainer
  • Certificate of Attendance for participants
  • Morning & afternoon refreshments
  • Lunch

Training venue:

Cloisters Level 1, 863 Hay Street
Perth CBD
Additional information:

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  • Prices quoted are standard rates
  • Government and other discounts may apply and will be confirmed on invoice


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