Communication & Interpersonal Skills


Effective communication is essential for building and maintaining lasting working relationships.

This course will provide you with techniques to communicate effectively with others to make the most of your interactions and achieve your desired outcomes. By connecting with others, you can ensure that your message is heard, understood and responded to.




  • The context of this program
  • Learning outcomes and objectives

Understanding Communication

  • The purpose of communication
  • The definition of effective and clear communication
  • The communication process
  • Common barriers to communication and how to overcome them
  • Cultural considerations

Adapting To Different Communication Styles

  • How to identify behaviour preferences of self and others
  • The impact of behaviour preferences (both positive and shadow attributes)
  • Adapt communication styles for effective outcomes
  • Communicating different styles
  • Craft an effective message for impact

Communication Clarity

  • Aligning the 3V’s of effective communication
  • Fine tune listening skills
  • Question types – using right mix
  • Checking, confirming and re-affirming information
  • Give effective feedback

Putting it into practice

  • Action planning


Learning outcomes

By the end of this program participants will be able to:

  • Identify, describe and adapt to different communication styles;
  • Outline the importance of cultural differences to effective communication;
  • Manage their own perceptions and the perceptions of others during interactions;
  • Outline the three V’s of communication and their impact on how we are perceived by others;
  • Apply empathic listening techniques and questioning to ensure understanding;
  • Apply techniques to communicating assertively; and
  • Give effective feedback



This course requires no previous training or experience.


Course duration

1 day



$550+GST per person


  • Experienced facilitator
  • Interactive, practical and hands on learning
  • Small groups for maximum impact
  • Take home resource workbook
  • Post course Coach Line
  • Post course follow up
  • Certificate of Attendance for participants
  • Morning & afternoon refreshments
  • Delicious cafe lunch


Enjoy Real People, Real Conversations, Real Results 


Further development

Communication Skills Advanced

Thinking and Speaking Off the Cuff

Handling Difficult Conversations






26 September 2018 (One day)
1 November 2018 (One day)
16 January 2019 (One day)
7 February 2019 (One day)
5 March 2019 (One day)
5 April 2019 (One day)
6 May 2019 (One day)
5 June 2019 (One day)
8 July 2019 (One day)
9 August 2019 (One day)
9 September 2019 (One day)
8 October 2019 (One day)
7 November 2019 (One day)
9 December 2019 (One day)