The ATI-Mirage Experience.

Great Central City location

  • Spacious, state of the art training facilites across the road from the Perth Train Station
  • Light, bright and comfortable
  • Great coffee, hot chocolate, tea and chilled water on tap in our large breakout area
  • Morning and afternoon tea snacks like muffins, fruit cake, cheese and crackers
  • Fresh fruit available all day
  • Enjoy lunches at a range of central city eateries
  • Friendly, helpful staff

Instructor Led with experienced, highly qualified professionals

  • Face to face learning is still the preferred choice for most people – the power of people coming together to learn.
  • Group interaction to facilitate learning.
  • Learning in a comfortable social situation.
  • There is accountability in a classroom that’s missing in other methodologies.
  • Learning is focussed as people are removed from their daily work responsibilities

Help Desk Support

  • Post course telephone and email support for all IT training courses

Online Training Options

Accredited Courses

Customised Training

  • Specialised courses to meet your needs.
  • On line options.

Roving Training

  • A unique approach to support people in their workplace.
  • Our expert trainers come to your workplace and ‘drop in’ on users that require coaching in any desktop application, using their own actual work documents.

Flexi Learn

  • The best of face to face learning but learning at your own pace as you work through one of our standard IT courses with an experienced trainer available at all times.

Regional and Remote Training

  • Training in almost any location, major or remote, anywhere in Western Australia

Flexible Training

  • Design your own day
  • Select your sessions from a range of applications including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Outlook.


  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Accredited


 For more information on the ATI-MIrage training experience please contact us by phone on (08) 9218 9059 or send an email by clicking here.

At ATI-Mirage our Wellness focus is to change people’s attitudes and responses to life situations. We provide high quality wellness training that promotes self-awareness and success.

Our training will support each person in making good life choices to increase their happiness, health and feelings of fulfilment.

We offer courses in:

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence
Emotionally Intelligent Leaders
Manage Stress, Build Resilience

As well as our Emotional Agility coaching package


For more information on our Wellness Solutions please contact us by phone on 08 9218 9059 or send an email by clicking here.